A Past Life Journey

By David Ross

My personal commitment over the last two plus decades has been to track and eliminate energy leaks and expand my awareness of being a spiritual being in a human body and conscious contact with all that is — Source/Great Spirit. The focus has been to release the hold of ego and with it the energy drain of fear driven-beliefs, thoughts, addictions, enmeshment patterns, co dependent relationships, as well as energy drains from previous lifetimes. I want to share with you an example of the latter.

In 2012, I made plans to visit the land and village of my deceased Italian ancestors.   For years, I felt a connection with the land and with my Italian ancestors.

In preparation for this journey and working with my mentor and shamanic teacher, I uncovered a traumatic lifetime as a young boy in which my parents and the village were attacked and defenseless.  Almost everyone was killed including my parents. I was found clinging to my parents and rescued by an older brother. The unresolved grief from this lifetime reverberated to each succeeding lifetime including the present contributing to feelings akin to chronic low-grade depression. With the assistance of my mentor/shaman, the village was identified as being at the top of a hillside southeast of Naples with a notable church and spire. We verified the village via maps and satellite images as Montefelchioni.

In late September I traveled to Naples and boarded a public bus and headed east 40 miles to Avellino. From there I hired a taxi traveling another 10 miles to the small village where I arranged for the driver to remain until my return.

It was afternoon siesta time and the village was quiet. Looking for landmarks, I found the village cemetery surrounded by a high stone wall and locked gate. Close by was a small park inviting me to sit on the warm tree-shaded ground. I immediately felt consumed by a bottomless well of agony and I began to weep for the pain of the little boy as he wailed at the sight of his dead parents and death and destruction everywhere.

There was no warning, no defense. A simple farming village with no protection.

Sitting there, I felt consumed as though I, David, would never recover and the weight of the tragedy would overwhelm this lifetime and continue to haunt far into the future.

Regaining awareness, I reminded myself to breath into the feelings and to the awareness that this work, this empathic connection and acknowledgement, was the catharsis needed to initiate healing for the entities caught in the tragedy and for my lifetimes carrying the grief and sense of pending loss.

As quickly as the sadness and loss surfaced, it also ceased. The images and feelings were replaced with the presence of the moment. Giving thanks and appreciation to mother earth, and Great Spirit for this healing, I gathered myself up and explored some of the streets and buildings and shops. From the outside there were no remnants of this time in history. A quiet, peaceful village stands in its’ place.


David Ross is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, CA where he is in private practice.  He is a Certified EMDR therapist and his specialty is trauma resolution and breaking free of co-dependence. Email him at: rossdm@mac.com