In his book Breaking Open the Head, Daniel Pinchbeck writes, “While psychedelics are outlawed, 27 million Americans currently take antidepressants such as Zoloft or Prozac. These days, most people are far more suspicious of plant compounds safely ingested by human beings for tens of thousands of years than they are of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) or other powerful, utterly synthetic mood and mind-altering drugs created in the last decades by a pharmacological industry motivated by profit.”
To gain better understanding of potentially lucrative medicines, pharmaceutical companies have consulted with shamans who are known for their encyclopedic knowledge of plants and their medicinal utility.
Shamans, the undisputed experts, call Ayahuasca “The Mother of All Medicinal Plants”.
While Prozac is akin to covering an infected wound, Ayahuasca is akin to cleaning out the wound so it can heal properly. It clean us of what no longer serves our best interests and illuminates the systemic roots.
One of Ayahuasca’s many gifts is the deep experiential reality of the interconnectedness of all things. This reality is far beyond what our rational minds have the capacity to comprehend. It is a cellular knowing, a knowing in our bones and in our DNA. This level of awareness can be life changing.
Ayahuasca can assist in the expansion of consciousness, with a side effect of stronger intuition and knowing.
Here is a talk Graham Hancock recently gave on Ayahuasca.