Cacophony of Chaos

By Ben Boomer, CSEE Board President Coyote plays a big part in Navajo culture, and was very much a part of my childhood.  Those coyotes are an hilarious and tricky bunch with their howling cackling cacophony waiting just out of sight for any opportunity for shenanigans. Opportunities abound for the trickster as they wait for […]

The Q’ero Despacho Ceremony

How to Create an Altar as a Focal Point for Awakening Your Spiritual Self

By Katherine Skaggs, CSEE Board Member Creating an altar is a spiritual activity of intention as much as it is a physical endeavor. Altars can be communal, public or absolutely personal and tucked away from others’ curious minds. When created ceremoniously and in ritual your altar is a place for sanctuary, prayer, meditation and ritual. […]

Icaros: The Power of Song

by Stephen Vierra (CSEE’s newest Board Member) Quantum physicists will tell you that the reality we experience everyday is made up of different frequencies of vibration. High vibrations and low vibrations, creating the very substance of the universe that we live in. Nothing is static, and everything is always changing. Shamans have a very similar […]

The Role of Art in Shamanism

By Visionary Artist and Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs As an artist, and shamanic practitioner, I have been interested in the healing powers of art for some time now. Growing up as an artist, I had no idea of the power of art, I just loved to create and replicate. As time has passed and I have grown […]

Shamanism and Its Benefits in My Life

by Mary Ann Eddowes  Lima – Perú Shamanism is a way of living, of being aware of the unity and the inter-relationship of all in the Universe and work with the light energies and nature to bring balance and health. Everything happening as an isolated situation is influencing the Universe as a whole. From this […]

What do the patterns on the Shipibo textiles mean?

The pattern you see below was created by the Shipibo, and indigenous tribe that lives in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. The Shipibo see and hear these geometric patterns in nature and reproduce the designs on their clothing and paint them on their houses and boats. The Shipibo believe the patterns are healing on the mental, emotional, […]

Herlinda Agustin Fernandez, a Shipibo Shaman

 by Katherine Skaggs  And it seems with my commitment to go back to the jungle in November (2013), I was finally able to finish the painting of Herlinda, which I began in 2011 in honor of Herlinda Agustin Fernandez, a Shipibo Shaman and healer. She was known for her singing of powerful ceremonial healing songs, […]

Shamanism: Approaching Indigenous Wisdom with Care and Respect

by Ben Boomer Shamanism has grown in popularity as an idea and practice in the modern world. Shamanism is defined by the recognition of a common wisdom based on ancient or indigenous spiritual traditions. This broad definition has some advantages and disadvantages that are worth exploring. I am speaking from the perspective of a North […]


In his book Breaking Open the Head, Daniel Pinchbeck writes, “While psychedelics are outlawed, 27 million Americans currently take antidepressants such as Zoloft or Prozac. These days, most people are far more suspicious of plant compounds safely ingested by human beings for tens of thousands of years than they are of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors […]