Energetic Clearing of Your Space

By Parminder Randhawa This is a simple and powerful process that should have your space feeling lighter, filled with positive energy, more expansive and generally more enjoyable/comfortable for you to be in. The basic idea is to clear out energies of a lower frequency (what we often think of as “negative” energies) and bring in energies […]

The True Nature of the Heart is Neutrality

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I figured that a teaching about the heart seemed appropriate. For indigenous people all over the world the greatest path of power is the path of the heart. The heart has 4 major ways of being, and when we work with them in their positive poles our true magic, […]

What to Expect in 2017 by Lena Stevens

Dear Friends, As we approach the solstice on December 21 and wind down 2016, it is time to take a look at 2017 so we can best prepare for what is ahead. In most Shamanic traditions, moon cycles and natural times of transition such as solstices and equinoxes are more powerful than arbitrary dates on […]

Journaling: A Way of Self Healing

by David M. Ross, LCSW Journaling is a powerful form of self-therapy and self-healing that engages us in shamanic right-left, right-left back and forth eye and hand/arm movement. All that is needed is pencil and paper and attention given to the emotional content of a distressing issue. We often believe we need to seek out […]

How to Create an Altar as a Focal Point for Awakening Your Spiritual Self

By Katherine Skaggs, CSEE Board Member Creating an altar is a spiritual activity of intention as much as it is a physical endeavor. Altars can be communal, public or absolutely personal and tucked away from others’ curious minds. When created ceremoniously and in ritual your altar is a place for sanctuary, prayer, meditation and ritual. […]

Icaros: The Power of Song

by Stephen Vierra (CSEE’s newest Board Member) Quantum physicists will tell you that the reality we experience everyday is made up of different frequencies of vibration. High vibrations and low vibrations, creating the very substance of the universe that we live in. Nothing is static, and everything is always changing. Shamans have a very similar […]

How to Problem Solve by Using the Medicine Wheel

By Genie Hobbs   Clients work with me for a variety of reasons . . . crisis intervention, personal growth, and very often for problem solving.  Time and time again, I’ve seen the effectiveness of Shamanic wisdom as a template for problem solving, especially through the use of the medicine wheel. The movement of the […]

Clearing out Self-Deprecation

By Deva Powell These are both inspiring and depressing times. In the last few weeks I’ve spoken to numerous individuals who are having a challenging time with unpredictable mood swings, heavy karmic interactions with others and feeling all together weighed down by stress, responsibilities and hopelessness. I’ve also worked with people who have attained new […]

Sage Advice

By Ben Boomer My step son is 13 and he loves it when I Sage the house at night before bed. I had given him his own Abalone shell and a white Sage bundle a few months ago, but he just kept it on his book shelf unused. Just last week, when I intended to […]

Prayer, a Useful Tool in Shamanic Practice

by John Flynn   Speaking from experience having been raised Catholic where praying in most instances was a rote list of needs and wants done with a begging mentality and from a place of seeing God as external, usually some elderly, paternal Father figure living in the Sky somewhere. It sounds comical, but when coming […]