Cacophony of Chaos

By Ben Boomer, CSEE Board President Coyote plays a big part in Navajo culture, and was very much a part of my childhood.  Those coyotes are an hilarious and tricky bunch with their howling cackling cacophony waiting just out of sight for any opportunity for shenanigans. Opportunities abound for the trickster as they wait for […]

2017: The Theme of Initiation

By Deva Powell These are transition times, times of initiation. Everything is speeding up and morphing into something never seen before. 2016 was like the main attraction at a circus with extreme highs, lows and an abundance of eccentricity everywhere you looked. Or, like a roller coaster that is both exhilarating and terrifying. Due to […]

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The Seed by Mansi

A fantastic digital animation produced by Mansión Bécquer Studios of Huichol artist José Benítez Sánchez (1938-2009)  mural “The Seed of the World”. La Semilla (The Seed) from Mansion Becquer on Vimeo. Esta animación llamada “La Semilla” (The Seed) es una intervención del mural “La Semilla del mundo” realizado por el artista wixarika (huichol) José Benítez […]

Dogon Dance Ritual

This is a film clip of a traditional masked dance by the Dogon people of Mali performed every few years to assist the deceased in joining their ancestors.  

Time Lapse of Tibetan Monks creating a Sand Mandala

Healing Seekers PNG Ant Medicine

This is a piece on traditional healing remedies from a tribe in Papua New Guinea. For indigenous people, the environment is their pharmacy and provides all the medicines needed to cure any type of illness. In this clip ants are used to cure cough, sore throat and runny nose as well as boost the immune […]

Chinese Man With Extreme Healing Powers Of Chi

This is a film clip of an Indonesian man who carries an ancient tradition of healing. He directs a powerful energy generated from his own body into his patients. He calls these healing powers Chi.

Traditional Bwiti Ritual Gabon

Watch this excerpt of the documentary ‘Ibogaine – Rite of Passage’. It is a story of a Bwiti Ritual. Bwiti is an initiation for traditional healers in Gabon, a state in West Central Africa. The story is told by a traditional healer who was himself initiated at the age of seven. Visit for more […]

It Never Gets Back to the Mother

Max “Duramunmun” Harrison is an elder of the Yuin Nation of South East Australia. We interviewed Max sitting beside a creek near his home in Woronora, a small town outside Sydney. He speaks of the sanctity of the creation. For more videos, check out