What to Expect in 2017 by Lena Stevens

Dear Friends,

As we approach the solstice on December 21 and wind down 2016, it is time to take a look at 2017 so we can best prepare for what is ahead. In most Shamanic traditions, moon cycles and natural times of transition such as solstices and equinoxes are more powerful than arbitrary dates on a calendar. So we use the solstice as a time of honoring the transition from one cycle to the next and as a powerful time to prepare for 2017. We always suggest you do some kind of ritual using the element of fire to mark this potent time.

We have the totems of Rooster and Badger for 2017. How can you use these totems in your own life? As it will be another year of aggression, we need to learn to use it wisely and these totems can help. Use Rooster to wake yourself up when you have gone into the personality “sleep” of apathy, cynicism, and behavior you are not proud of. Ask the totem of Rooster to help others wake up as well. Use Badger to be resourceful in problem solving and finding new ways of dealing with challenging situations. Badger is good at digging under the ground and uncovering the truth. This totem can also help you persevere and not give up around something you find difficult.

The element we will be working with in 2017 is the element of FIRE. Fire supports complete transformation, the burning of the old and no longer useful patterns, beliefs, energetic clutter, karma and anything that you are complete with. It is always a good idea to be proactive when dealing with elements as you want to be the one to honor them and ask for their help instead of being at the effect of an unwanted appearance (especially of fire). How would you use fire? Welcome it as a powerful ally by acknowledging it. You can light a candle or build a fire. In the Huichol tradition, fire is one of the most important elements and represents the sun. They practice making an offering of cornmeal to any fire as a way of feeding it and gaining the support of this powerful ally.

As in 2016, we will continue 2017 in the direction of the WEST as the ally for change, death and rebirth. Use the WEST in your own life to see what needs to be pruned, eliminated or dissolved. The WEST is also about dreaming, expansion and clear intention. You may not know what that is for yourself just yet, but you can always call upon the WEST to help you to stay inspired about what is possible especially once you make some space for something new through the clearing out of the old.

Happy Solstice everyone!
Lena Stevens

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