Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World

This interview starts after 6 minutes, but has a directory allowing for quick chapter navigation. The point I am taken with is the value of indigenous wisdom to modern day challenge. Conquering, imposing forces (like big oil and mining) don’t take the time or have the consciousness to realize the inherent value in ecosystems or “ethno”-systems, but rather march forward, blind to the assets they are destroying. When the British first visited the Inuit, the Inuit were considered savage. What the British missed, were the Inuit’s ability to live and thrive in incredibly harsh conditions (80 below C) with only local resources. This intelligence, ingenuity and adaptability are part of the collective intelligence that can help us adapt to a rapidly changing world. The climate is changing, regardless of what we do or don’t do, just like it has happened since the dawn of time. The planet will survive. Our ability to survive is in correlation with our ability to adapt. While modern largely society lives in an isolated state of unconsciousness, the indigenous cultures have wisdom that can help us with awareness and adaptation, and thus an easier transition to a rapidly changing world. Thus, the more we can value, protect and learn from our collective intelligence, the better lives we will live.