How to Do a Daily Practice of Energy Cleaning

By John Flynn

As we go about our daily lives, we are inundated not just with our own thoughts and energies, but also by those we interact with and the collective. We can become overwhelmed by how this feels. This can lead to throwing the body out of balance. So, cleaning off energetically is very important – something we are not taught to do in Western culture.

Some healing practices may include intentional breathing, visualization, the use of feathers, stones, rattles, sage, bells, etc.

A very simple practice that can be done in a couple of minutes in the evening after work, after a stressful phone call or meeting could look like this. Close your eyes, let the tip of the tongue touch the roof of the mouth, this immediately connects the breath to the body. Take a deep breath in, filling the body with the breath, and slowly exhale. Scan the body, releasing any areas of tension. On the in-breath, visualize white or golden light filling these areas of the body, on the out-breath releasing the heavier energy of tension and stress. Repeat this a couple of times and then, check-in with the body. How does it feel? If there is residual tension, repeat the visualization. It usually only takes a couple of breaths to shift and clear any heavy energy from the body.

Another simple cleaning practice is using the hands as dusters. A good way to start is to shake your hands and then blow into them. Visualize filling the hands with white or golden light. Once this is done, start at the top of the head in a brushing like motion, cleaning the head, shoulders, each arm and hand, the torso front and back, legs and feet. Make sure to shake the hands to release any energy gathered when finished.

Using a crystal or stone you feel connected to, run it over the chakras, imagining it pulling the heavy energy from the area of the body you are working on. Again make sure to clean off the tool when finished.

Energy can vibrate at high or low frequency. When we vibrate at high frequency, we feel good, life flows, and we are one with the world. When we are in low frequency, it is the opposite. We feel disconnected, depressed and may isolate ourselves. This is why regularly cleaning yourself off energetically during the day is good shamanic practice.


John has completed a 2 year intensive program with The Power Path and continues travel to Peru and Mexico. bringing more of these teaching into his live and work. He has also studied with the Lakota in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, is a qualified Acupuncturist and practiced Qi Gong for 10 Years.
He lives in the Bay Area and offers monthly shamanic healing clinics as well as private sessions. John can be reached at or through his website at: