Huichol Beaded Bracelet Parrot


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This beaded bracelet was made by a Huichol artisan in Mexico. 6 inches x 2 inches. One of the bracelets is slightly different in coloring. Comes in 2 styles, please specify when ordering.

BIRDS -Believed to be messengers to and from the gods, all birds are held in great regard. The shamans use tail and wing feather of eagles and hawks in their rituals and ceremonial chanting. The double-headed eagle is another common design, representing the shaman’s omnipotent power to see in all directions.

WHITE –Cloud Spirits.

RED –The East, fire, masculinity.

BLUE –The South, Pacific Ocean, water, rain, femininity.

GREEN –The Earth, the Heavens, healing, the heart, grandfather, growth.

YELLOW –A special root from Wirikuta used for face paint in ceremonies.

ORANGE –Wirikuta”, the sacred land where the Huichol believe life began and also where they gather peyote.