Huichol Jaguar Statue


Huichol Jaguar Statue

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This beaded jaguar statue was made by a Huichol artisan in Mexico. According to, Jaguars are the messengers of the god of fire, Tatewari. They are guardians of the sacred vows taken by shamans during their years of initiation. Called Mayetse, they are given the power to devour the spirits of those who fail. The circumference is about 18 inches


WHITE – Cloud Spirits.

RED – The East, fire, masculinity.

BLUE – The South, Pacific Ocean, water, rain, femininity.

GREEN – The Earth, the Heavens, healing, the heart, grandfather, growth.

 YELLOW – A special root from Wirikuta used for face paint in ceremonies.

 ORANGE – “Wirikuta”, the sacred land where the Huichol believe life began and also where they gather peyote.


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