Kichwa Cola de Pavo Seed Necklace


Kichwa Cola de Pavo Seed Necklace

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Designed by the Kichwa people, an indigenous tribe that lives in Ecuador, this necklace was made to bestow good luck and protection to the wearer.  

The Amazonian necklace, “Cola de Pavo,” is made with hand-collected seeds from powerful plants in the jungle: shihuango, achira, and huairuro.

It is 21 inches long when unclasped. Longest tassel 5 inches. 

This jungle jewelry is handmade by Kichwa artist Pakcha Villegas, a young Kichwa woman from Puyo associated with the Sacha Warmi Center. Pakcha teaches the young indigenous women participating in the workshops organized by the program “Woman, Family and Territory.”


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