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Blue and Orange Bracelet


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This beaded bracelet was made by a Huichol artisan in Mexico. Each bracelet shows symbols sacred to the Huichol, and carries the energy of that symbol. When clasped, it measures 7.25 inches long and is .75 inches wide.

PEYOTE CACTI – Peyote appears in a lot of Huichol art, symobolising life, sustenance, health, success, good luck, and the acquisition of shamanic powers. It is a gift from the gods, helping them to enlighten them and experience the mystical realm.


RED – The East, fire, masculinity.

GREEN – The Earth, the Heavens, healing, the heart, grandfather, growth.

ORANGE – “Wirikuta”, the sacred land where the Huichol believe life began and also where they gather peyote.