Media Archive

The goal of the Media Arm of CSEE is to educate, honor and inspire through an in-depth look into indigenous practices, to show what shamanism truly is and what it has to offer today’s world.


Through video and audio documentation combined with written educational media in the form of cutting edge V-books and short documentaries, CSEE is creating an extensive educational online library of indigenous and shamanic wisdom around the globe. This information will be available to all, and will be presented in a unique way, using the latest technology so that individuals as well as universities and educational groups can design their own curriculum based on their interests.

This library will not only serve as an educational source, but also a source of preservation for indigenous cultures worldwide. By providing the opportunity for indigenous leaders, healers and shamans to share their wisdom, culture, language and stories, these traditions can be preserved and available to inspire future generations.

CSEE is collaborating with Green Spider Films for the filming and editing of video content. Green Spider films is a progressive production company dedicated to telling the stories of indigenous, shamanic cultures and peoples around the world for preservation and education through the beauty and power of the moving image.

CSEE is also collaborating with In the Telling to utilize the latest technology to create informational sources that are not only comprehensive, but are multidimensional and at the forefront of education in the world today.

Media Projects:

We are currently seeking funding for a series of educational pieces on the Q’ero People of Peru. This series is already in production and will include an in depth exploration of ceremony, philosophy and shamanic practices of these Andean people.

Budget for this project – $36,000

We are currently seeking funding for a film on Blessings of the World. This piece is currently in production and will include filmed and recorded blessings from shamans, medicine people, indigenous elders and leaders from around the globe.
Budget for this project is – $10,000