Valuing and Understanding Shamanic Elders – Perennial Wisdom

By Kevin Johnson

I read this article recently posted by Mayan’s about properly interpreting the wisdom cultivated over centuries from their elders; shamans hidden from the world, often ascetic keepers of great mystery and knowledge systems. It has always been my experience that the most powerful shamans I’ve ever met, and I’ve only met a few, have never called themselves shamans, guarding their power and knowledge, cautious about display, transparently neutral in their countenance.

All one has to do is look to popular Western culture to see how it often co-opts and sensationalizes profound and deep wisdom systems like those of the Mayan time keepers. Hollywood’s launch of the apocalyptic movie 2012 ┬áreveals more about the projection of the Western shadow onto an ancient wisdom system then about the truths in that system largely misunderstood by a thought tradition oriented to inauthentic, transient power. The apocalyptic preoccupation of the West is the expression of a great entity of fear, a hydra headed demon that has grown powerful over time in a culture habitually fixated on material, external, yang power verses internal, yin power.

The Mayan elders are concerned about the thunderheads of fear being generated by the West over their Long Count celestial calendar system that chronicles a 26,000 year precession of time. The truth in their calendar system and prophecies is about the very large and profound cycles of the earth and solar system in relation to the great black hole at the center of our Galaxy. On the Winter Solstice of 2012 our earth and sun come into perfect alignment with the center of our galaxy forming a cross at the equator of the earth. Crosses are mandalic symbols of psychic wholeness. This macro procession is of course a micro procession, the relationship of our earth and sun, stars and galactic forces is reflected in people, plants and animals. We are not separate from these events despite our insatiable proclivities from thinking we are. In fact the central wisdom of the Mayan prophecies and long count calendar is about psychic wholeness, transformation of duality, rebirth. The movement from a 4 dimensional system to a 5 dimensional system, the birth the the 5th dimension, the ether, Spirit, the quantum field.

We are in a great period of transformation between the 4th sun and the birth of the 5th sun which starts on December 21st, 2012. This period of transformation is a period of purification, especially at the level of thought. The charge of each of our thoughts very much matters now. If they are negative, driven by enslavement to fear than our vital energy contributes to the forces of the 4th dimension striving to derail or obscure the birth of fifth dimensional, SPIRIT oriented consciousness. If our thoughts are positive emanating from the frequencies of LOVE, and NEUTRALITY, we embrace and invite the transformations that are the profound blessings of being alive at this time.

The gifts of wisdom and deep power held and cultivated by the Mayan, Huichol, Q’ero, Shipibo, Kogi, Aboriginal, Bon, Mongolian, Siberian, African, Native American, and countless other shamanic elder traditions who see themselves in familial relations with the earth, sun, stars, elements, animals and plants offer wisdom about the progression of the evolution of reality and consciousness. This is the information we seek to understand and share at CSEE.