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Katherine Skaggs is an internationally known visionary artist and shamanic practitioner who is also a board member of the CSEE. Katherine channels goddesses, ascended masters, shamanic themes and divine beings onto canvas intentionally to open portals to the inner worlds of Great Spirit and the Divine to bring healing and awakening. Katherine is also a soul portrait artist, revealing soul essence to each person, and supporting them in remembering who they are as Spirit in body.


Copyright Ownership by Katherine Skaggs ©2013-2014.


All artwork original or commissioned is copyrighted by Katherine Skaggs. All reproduction rights are owned by Katherine Skaggs and licensed for use in books, articles and on websites or any other media. Do not reproduce any artwork without express written permission by Katherine Skaggs. Reproduction for sale is not allowed unless agreed upon by Katherine Skaggs and said party. Thank you for respecting reproduction rights of this artwork.

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