The Shipibo are one of 14 indigenous tribes living in the Amazon Basin in Peru. They are a shamanically based people, deeply influenced by the power of the plants, animals and natural elements. A unique aspect of the Shipibo culture is their woven song tradition. The Shipibo record their icaros or healing songs in elaborate geometrical designs that function like a musical score and correlate and interact with the natural world. They see the patterns in the natural world and are able to reproduce them for protection, healing, abundance, harmony and a variety of other purposes.



Roel Flores Agustin

Roel (Vichy) is the youngest child of Enrique Flores and Herlinda Agustin. He is currently the youngest CSEE scholarship recipient. We are excited to announce that Roel has now completed his degree in Business Administration and Finance, and graduated with exceptional grades! Budgeting and financial planning are not part of the ancestral culture of the Shipibo.
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Susy Flores Agustin

Susy was admitted and enrolled in the most competitive University Tourism degree program in Lima. Susy’s goal is to build a viable and sustainable shamanic tourism business for the Shipibo.
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Walter Flores Agustin

Walter is studying botany and environmental sustainability. He studies living things, including medicinal plants in the rainforest and the principles of reforestation. His aspirations are to develop a world class, sustainable botanical garden on family land in his home village on the Amazon. He plans to teach reforestation and sustainability practices...
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Past Students:


Katty Lisett Murayari Flores

Katty is the eldest grandchild of Enrique Flores and Herlinda Agustin. She is a law student, has four years left in her program and will spend the last two years in Lima at an advanced level of study. She is a Highest Honors Student – in the top 1% of her class, a single mother and has taken on a more difficult course load that will help her attain a doctorate degree.
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Juan Agustin

Juan had started his teaching certificate more then 12 years ago but was never able to finish his thesis due to lack of funds. SO CSEE, along with One Heart Many Rhythms sent...
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Henry Flores Agustin

Henry got his degree in Lima in Physical ed, Nutrition and Sports with the help of CSEE and One Heart Many Rhythms. Since this is his first year teaching...
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Pasquel Flores Agustin

Pasquel was funded by CSEE to study for several years with the famous artist, Pablo Amaringo at the Pablo Amaringo School of Art in Pucallpa, Peru before Pablo’s death. He has 2 years left of a curriculum that will give him a certificate to be an official teacher of art. CSEE currently supports his weekly classes and related expenses of $200 per month.
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orphansThis is an ongoing project providing uniforms and school supplies to 7 orphans in a small Amazonian village school. The cost of this project is $400 per year



herlindaCSEE has embarked upon the first phase of the Herlinda Legacy Project. The goal of this project is to produce an archive of Shipibo healer, Herlinda Agustin Hernandez, singing her most powerful ceremonial healing songs, also known as icaros. The creation of the archive will require the translation of hundreds of hours of audio which was recorded before Herlinda’s death in 2010.
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view_from_edge_of_swcFor the Shipibo tribe of the Amazon jungle, the word Inca refers to their ancient ancestors, and according to Shipibo legend, many of their cultural traditions and shamanic wisdom was gifted to them by the ancient peoples of the Andes. In their ceremonies and songs the Inca are always called upon for help, healing and wisdom. Many of the healing plants used in traditional Shipibo medicine are also said to have come from the Inca. Most Shipibo only dream of visiting the power places of legend in the Andes such as lake Titicaca and the high mountains that are the...
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