Feeling the Support of Spirit

by Suniel Parekh

The Red Tail Hawk soars through the sky, effortlessly gliding on the strength of the wind. He has no doubt that the sky won’t hold him. The Hawk has full trust that he will always be supported. Alternately, humans must deal with the Ego or as we like to call it, the False Personality. False Personality acts as an eternal shadow bringing forth confusion and clouding the truth of our hearts. Much becomes unclear when the False Personality is involved and so it becomes harder to feel the support of Spirit. You recognize the feeling of Spirit don’t you? It’s as if you’re on a sailboat and the wind is carrying you just where you want to go – without effort, or when you feel excitement that you can’t explain. For no reason, everything feels that things are as they should be. In other words, the feeling of joyous freedom.
I recently came through a very long period of creative struggle and as a composer and musician, my creative energy is very important to my health and happiness. For many years, as I waited for my creative flow to jumpstart again, I realized something. I felt very alone and in this loneliness, I couldn’t feel the support of Spirit.
The feeling of this emptiness was quite overwhelming and in was in this space that I begun to see how unnatural it seemed. I came to realize the unnatural feeling was a discordant vibration, one that was in opposition to Spirit. Love and Joy are the only natural feelings of Spirit and all these other feelings I were having were a contribution of the False Personality…and I had fallen for them head over heels, aligning them with my own identity
I knew I had to get moving again, get back to work and just trust that Spirit would be there patiently waiting for me. It took 3 years of doing my work before I felt that first gush of wind carrying the whisper of excitement repeating over and over – “Just Let Yourself Soar.” With much trepidation but a strong desire for change, I fell into the wind and let it carry me.
Spirit had been there all along, but I needed to take the first step. Trust, and get back to work.
As I began to let go of the inner critic and allow my work to come through I have written many pieces of music. Many were terrible, but the Masterpieces made it all worth it. My uniqueness had been unleashed by my willingness to learn and grow through error and failure. There had been a seemingly impenetrable wall between where I was and this Joyous Freedom I so yearned for. The beautiful truth was that it was all an illusion
Where Does Your Work Lie? Where Are You Afraid To Fail? 
If you don’t feel the support of Spirit, perhaps you aren’t doing your work. And if you are, Is It Your Real Work?
Suniel is a Shamanic Healer trained in the methods of the Huichol, the Shipibo and the Paco tradition of the Andes. He has completed the Shamanic Studies program and the Advanced Practitioners Training from the Power Path School of Shamanism. As a professional musician and creative intuit, Suniel specializes in Icaros (Healing Songs), as well as traditional feather work, and awakening and empowering your life’s true work. Suniel works with clients in person and remotely. You can contact him at: www.lashamanichealing.com