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Donate at least $50 by Midnight, January 16th, 2017 by using your credit card or paypal account by clicking the donate button above and we will enter you to win this One-of-a-kind, incredible painting by Visionary Artist Pasquel Agustin.  Each time you donate $50 we will give you an additional chance to win.  That means a $100 donation give you two chances and $200 gives you four! We will draw a name randomly out of a hat on January 16th, 2017. See the video below to learn more about Pasquel's painting. Also, be entered for the chance to win entry into The Power Path's course on Living Abundantly: How to be prosperous in challenging times worth $239.  More information here.                  

A beautiful Ceremonial original by Pasquel Flores Agustin. Acrylic canvas 29 inches x 22 inches

This Peruvian Amazonian painting is the "Song of the Plants, Water and Earth depicting "Serenita" the river mermaid, a goddess figure, and the feminine spirit of the plants and Mother Earth". There are also depictions of the temple of the higher realms of spirit, the hummingbird, various potent healing and visionary plants, healing energy of the river dolphins and the serpent as the giver of life and vitality. This is a ceremonial piece painted in his village from visions during ceremony. CSEE supported Pasquel in his training with the late Pablo Amaringo, a well known shamanic visionary artist from the Peruvian Amazon. Watch this video to hear Pasquel talk about the meaning of the painting.



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