Shamanism and Its Benefits in My Life

by Mary Ann Eddowes  Lima – Perú

Shamanism is a way of living, of being aware of the unity and the inter-relationship of all in the Universe and work with the light energies and nature to bring balance and health. Everything happening as an isolated situation is influencing the Universe as a whole. From this perspective we can understand the profound relation between humanity’s and the planet’s well-being. Traditional Medicine teaches us to respect nature, to be conscious that it is a living being, as well as we are. Traditional Medicine is integrational, it heals all the bodies at once. We are spirit, mind, body, emotions, feelings, perceptions, members of a community. It depends on each one of us to contribute to the equilibrium and well-being of the community to which we belong or wherever we go.


Never, not even in my wildest dreams would I have been able to foresee the drastic turn my life would take when I came to be 36 years old. A 360° shift took place that changed my life and the way I approached life. For 36 years I lived under the “normal” occidental ways, I was brought up in a upper middle class family. I had met the goals society said I needed to achieve to be considered a successful person, a great job, a great income, family, all material things… but I COULD NOT FEEL, LESS SAY, I WAS HAPPY…. I was not…and I REALLY wanted to be happy.


There is a saying here that goes: “When you are ready, the teachers appear” , which showed to be true in my case. 21 years ago, I was blessed by the spirits and received all the answers to my never-ending questions since I was a child. My first teachers came to me, I left the corporative and business world and was introduced to the world of Traditional Medicine, completely unknown to me until then, and I found the healing I needed as well as clarity, peace and happiness inside.


At first, I was seeking healing, seeking balance, releasing all the emotional garbage I had been collecting through the years, understanding situations and relationships in this life. My family, my friends, my co-workers, everybody thought I had gone CRAZY because I had left a good position and income to do something that was not well seen by my social circle. And I had no idea of how I would generate income from then onwards. At that point, I started developing faith, in myself, in the Universe that provides us with all we need, faith in knowing that everything comes at the precise moment.


While I continued healing and learning to see life from another perspective, less complicated, easier, I had to deal with the great challenge of accepting that from then onwards my mission was to do SERVICE OF LOVE. I was not clear about the responsibility this meant, but I surrendered to what the Universe was asking from me and let it guide me, I have no regrets on this. It took me 10 years to learn with teachers from the Andes and the Amazon, with Master Plants such as Grandfather Wachuma, Grandmother Ayawaska, the Goddess Coca Leaf, Father Tobacco and many other medicinal plants.


11 years ago I started working on my own, performing shamanic rituals and ceremonies to help heal the essence of the human being, which is his/her spirit, finding balance and integral well-being at spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, through diverse ancestral medicines from Mother Earth. The Sacred and Medicinal Plants, the Magic Rituals, the Sounds, the contact with Nature’s Elements and with the energy of the Animal Spirits allow us to enter in direct connection with the Divine and reminds us that we are part of that divinity, with humbleness. They are the best Medicine in the process of opening our consciousness for self-apprenticeship, to reach self-healing through self-knowledge and hence reach self-fulfillment.


They teach us about true UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: MUNAY




  • A profound healing, guided by the Plant Teacher Wachuma, better known as San Pedro, I could reach self-knowledge and was able to self-heal with the loving spirit of this amazing medicine for which I only have GRATITUDE and more GRATITUDE
  • Embracing the path of service and helping others heal, as I was able to heal
  • A deep knowledge of myself and more awareness in regard to all that surrounds me, nature, human beings, animals, the universe. Understanding how we all are part of a UNITY, a greater force, the source of all creation, how we are all the same, and how we affect others with our desires, thoughts, words, actions, perceptions, sensations and how unaware we still are
  • Clarity and energetic focus, instead of wasting my energy in things I cannot change or solve.
  • Improving my relations at all levels, family, friends, professionally.
  • Clearing blockages and stagnant beliefs inside myself, I could see how everything began to clear on the outside as well, as a reflection of that inner work. And how what I need at every step, comes at the right time.
  • Developing a deep faith in the Universe and in me as part of it, knowing that there is perfection in its flow and that it knows better than me, what I need. Surrendering to its flow is so liberating.
  • Being aware of the clear limits in the relationship between spiritual guide and patient or student. Integrity is the clue.
  • Understanding the great responsibility towards those who come to me seeking healing and answers. It is very important to be conscious of the priorities, and the first one is to take the necessary time to prepare well before guiding others. It took me 10 years to learn before working on my own.
  • Personal growth, integrity, honesty, faith, acceptance
  • A developed intuition to be able to see the invisible, not only the visible. Enhanced senses.