Huichol Beaded Necklace Symbols Blue


Huichol Beaded Necklace Symbols Blue

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This unique beaded necklace was made by a Huichol artisan in Mexico. It depicts Huichol symbols such as the sacred Kauyumari, Peyote Cactus and others. This necklace is a work of art and Measures 19.5 inches in length with the square section measuring 6″ x 6″.

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– The spirit guide Kauyumari, who leads the shamans on their visionary pathways and teaches them how to gain their special knowledge. One of the most commonly seen motifs, the deer, maxa, in Huichol, often appear in male and female pairs, symbolizing the unity between men and women on their spiritual journey. Legends about the deer abound in Huichol culture. The deer mother is the guardian spirit, the important animal in Huichol shamanism. She holds tobacco gourds and corn plant, both of utmost importance for Huichol survival. The Huichols believe that deer give their lives willingly to those who hunt them in a sacred manner. After a deer hunt, the hunters have to perform purifying rituals for many days to insure that the animals are properly thanked for giving their lives to the benefit of the people.

PEYOTE CACTI – Symbol for life, sustenance, health, success, good luck, and acquisition of shamanic powers, the peyote appears in practically all Huichol art and is considered a gift from the gods to the people to enlighten their lives and bring them into the mystical realm.

 – Used to express gratitude or requests to the gods, called Urus, prayer arrows, like gourd bowls, are ceremonial objects through which the gods are believed to give their blessings. Special prayer arrows have crystals attached to them, representing the spirits of departed ancestors.

HEALING WANDS – Called Muvieri, each shaman carries a wand in their medicine basket. They are made of pairs of eagle or hawk feathers attached to ceremonial arrows, and are used in rain making ceremonies and other divinations.

WHITE – Cloud Spirits.
RED – The East, fire, masculinity.
BLUE – The South, Pacific Ocean, water, rain, femininity.
GREEN – The Earth, the Heavens, healing, the heart, grandfather, growth.
YELLOW – A special root from Wirikuta used for face paint in ceremonies.
ORANGE – “Wirikuta”, the sacred land where the Huichol believe life began and also where they gather peyote.

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Kauyumari, Peyote Cacti, sun