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Amanda Hovey is a Performing Artist, Photographer, Shamanic Practitioner and Naturopathic Educator. As a parent and teacher of her homeschooled children, she values the many opportunities to integrate a shamanic path into raising children and continues these teachings globally, cultivating this path for our future generations. She works with others to recognize the physical, spiritual and emotional layers they are in, offering stories of her own life lessons and how to work with allies to support the release of these layers. By working with nutrition, custom elixirs, herbal remedies, Reiki and Shamanic Healing she gives others tools to call back their power and find their personal medicine, so they may share it with the world.

Amanda is the Member Service Coordinator with the Society for Shamanic Practice,, Board Member for Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange,, and Volunteer Committee Member with the Bastrop Opera House in Texas.

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